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It's your time to shine!

Sugandhi Jordan Brown
Registered Acupuncturist

Offering Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine at

Focus Health Clinic, Victoria, BC

Sugandhi Jordan 

Empowering you to Shine

Registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the with the CTCMA of BC

Yoga & Meditation practitioner for more than 20 years

Faculty member at Pacific Rim College

Respected Practitioner with experience working in four countries & a variety of people of all backgrounds and ages

My goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing, that is a state of balance and wholeness. I not only aim to treat, but to also educate on how lifestyle patterns and choices influence your health so you can be empowered and supported to heal. Depending on your individual needs, treatments can include various acupuncture techniques in combination with other Chinese medicine modalities such as Tui-na bodywork, Cupping, Moxa, Gua-sha and TCM nutrition.

Meet Sugandhi
Why Acupuncture

Why Acupuncture?

It can help with

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Ancient Wisdom with a Modern, Professional Approach 

The process of Chinese medicine involves balancing the organ energy systems of the body. Because we address patterns of disharmony at their root, acupuncture can resolve symptoms before they turn into disease and can treat or manage almost any condition that is non-emergent. In addition, we examine lifestyle, dietary, relational and environmental factors that could be inhibiting your wellbeing.  


If too many things are crossing your barriers and boundaries,  acupuncture can help sharpen your defenses. 


Good digestion is the foundation of health. IBS, Crohns, heart burn and other digestive issues can be balanced or resolved.

Fatigue & Stress

Good energy reflects good health. If you're dragging yourself through your day, there are likely some imbalances that we can address to give you a boost. 

Anxiety & Depression

Are emotional imbalances keeping you from thriving? Acupuncture can access the emotions via the body giving you more inner freedom. 

Menstrual & Hormonal Health

Whether it be acne, period issues, infertility, hot flashes, thyroid issues or other hormonal imbalances, Acupuncture is excellent for supporting the body at every stage of life, especially when combined with food therapy. 

Pain & Injury

Acupuncture is highly effective at reducing pain related to various causes and systems including musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal  or headache. 

Healthy Weight

Acupuncture with food therapy offers a holistic approach that is safe and supportive to your entire being. 


What People are Saying

"Sugandhi is a true healer. She has helped me immensely - I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Sugandhi helped clear my acne and balance my skin, she helped regulate my periods and helped me get pregnant. Sugandhi is helping my body reach optimal health, and most importantly she is helping me to understand, respect and love my body and myself. Not only is she talented but she is such a warm, kind, thoughtful, lovely, knowledgeable and professional individual. I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking to improve your health and wellness in any way!"

— Vanessa L.




Acupuncture for all ages and stages. Initial consults are 90mins and offer an opportunity to get to know you and understand understand your health concerns. 

Follow-up appintments are 60mins. All sessions involve acupuncture + cupping, soft tissue work, Gua-sha and TCM nutrition depending on your needs and what is indicated. Discounts availiable for students and seniors!

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Look & feel younger - Naturally! The protocol aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging areas and brighten the complexion. Tiny, fine, precision needles cause micro-damage to target areas. This promotes a healing response, which increases collagen production and brings more blood flow (and with it oxygen and nutrients!) to the face. By bringing the bodies attention to an aging area, we rouse the bodies own ability to restore and regenerate itself. It's inner anti-aging. Initial consult required. 55mins. A package of 5 consecutive treatments is reccomended for best results. 

Acupuncture Edits-0017.jpg
Shining Light Special

A synergistic combo of Acupuncture + Tui-na bodywork. A longer appointment provides more time to relax and unwind. Cupping or Gua-sha can be included when indicated for your wellbeing. Perfect for those wanting more time to relax and unwind. This appointment is also ideal for those working on releasing deeper emotional blockages. 90 mins. 

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Cupping Only

Cupping involves the use of glass cups that are suctioned onto the body to promote blood flow, detoxify, and release muscle tension and pain. It's most often utilized for back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, as well as common cold,  influenza, and respiratory disorders. Appointment light Tui-na bodywork. A quick way to relax and reset without needles! 45mins

  • Discounts Available for Full-time students and seniors. See online booking page for details. 

  • Free parking at Focus Health behind the building and free two-hour street parking out front. 

  • Direct billing availiable for most extended health plans. Reimbursement availiable for those eligible for MSP assistance. 

  • Stay tuned for new online programs and nutritional consultations. Inquire for details. 

Have Questions?

Please call Sugandhi at 778.676.4129


Available at Focus Health Clinic

1864 Oak Bay Ave

Victoria, BC

Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Weekday  Evenings availible for virtual appointments

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